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Baker Bowl is the popular name of the famous baseball park that was located within several streets (N. Broad Street, W. Huntingdon Street, N. 15th St. and W. Lehigh Ave.) in Philadelphia, Pa. The Base Ball Park opened in 1887, it accommodated 12,500 fans, and featured such ball park construction innovations as pavilion seating for customers and brick exterior walls instead of wood. Located at Broad Street and Lehigh Avenue.

Most notably, when the Phillies were out of town during baseball season, the Hilldale Daisies of the Negro League rented the park from the early 1920s through the 1930s. Between 1924-1926, Negro League World Series games were played here. Players from high school baseball teams, the American Legion, and fire fighter and police leagues also used the Baker Bowl. The very first Negro Leagues fall classic was between the Kansas City Monarchs (55–22) and the Hilldale Daisies (47–23).   This was the first official championship in Negro leagues baseball. Before 1924, there were some post-season series but never anything recognized throughout the Negro National League and Eastern Colored League.