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Black History January 24

Jackie Robinson

On this day in 1962, Robins was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Starting with the Negro Leagues, he played for the Kansas City Monarchs, he was drafted to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson was a trailblazer by all accounts and most known for breaking the color barrier that had slipped into major league baseball by way of a “gentlemen’s” agreement to no longer hire “colored” players. Robinson was the first Black player drafted to the major leagues after the agreement had been made to not have negros in major league baseball, so basically since 1884 when Moses Fleetwood Walker played. Which means, he would have never seen a colored player on a MLB team in his life. This landmark event is bitter sweet though, as it marked the beginning of the end for the Negro leagues, which ended up collapsing as players opted for the major leagues teams, and now, there is no MLB team that is black owned. Nevertheless, this pioneer in history should be regarded as a hero for equality.

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