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Alicia Hemphill

Co-Owner and Creative Designer
Brief info

Ms. Hemphill’s professional career spans over 30 years ranging from Administration, Engineering, Medical Device Regulatory Vice President, and community advocate. At every company or civic group, she is a part of, Ms. Hemphill transcends mere attendance and employment to become intricately involved in restructuring systems for effective implementation. She has been active in civic boards and Corporate leadership teams throughout her career.

Ms. Hemphill is a no-nonsense change agent who specializes in transforming challenging work environments and relationships. She is highly skilled at identifying mindsets that hinders successful career contributions and debilitates organizations and people. She helps other climb out of restrictions and sets you on an empowered career path that causes excitement and passion.​
Alicia has served as President of the African American Advisory Committee to the Coconino County Board of Directors. This organization created a dynamic partnership with city officials, university networks and the county officials to deliver a unique cultural experience for the entire city of Flagstaff, AZ. Alicia sat on religious, civic, and governmental boards to bring fresh perspectives and increase engagement. She identifies what does not work in her teams, departments, and corporate work streams whenever she contributes. She has developed strategies and pathways to launch several product development products and guide them to financial for the companies.