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Dr. Ruth Pauline Plumber

Game Designer
Brief info

Initially beginning in the beauty industry, following my younger years of pageantry and professional modeling, I quickly developed proper business development and initiatives corporately. Being in the beauty industry exposed me to so many different women of all backgrounds. One sentiment remained constant regardless of the accomplishments of the woman; constantly finding “her” place. I immediately knew my purpose was greater after having strong desires to reach as many women as I could to uplift and empower. I have always carried a passion for the community and helping women identify, nurture and walk out their purpose. It’s the most beneficial way, I have been able to give back and empower other women and families. Covenant Daughters has been in operation for more than 20 years and through my organization, I have birthed many opportunities to aid in food distribution throughout many communities, initiate technology training and provide mentorship to brighten the futures of so many. Creating avenues within the community and television to guide other women into fearlessness has been amazing to watch flourish as I continue to develop.